Ebso 250 selective solder wave

Ebso SPA 250
Ebso SPA 250

Solder wave made by Ebso, in excellent condition

Ebso 250 product details.

EBSO SPA-250 Selective Soldering Machine
The concept of SPA 250 allows small to medium companies with smaller budgets and production lots to enter an Attractive new technology. SPA 250 machines are built with the solder pot technology made of fully titanium which is best for lead free solder alloys. The patented unique “QUICK RELEASE” solder pump is a revolution in terms of maintenance time. This system allows full access to the solder pot within seconds, hence it increases your production efficiency.

Advantages of this Machine:
– anti – oxidation soldering technology
– suitable for No-Clean fluxes
– customized solder nozzles
– dual fluxer and dual solder nozzle
– unique Quick Change Nozzle
– lead-free solders and special solder alloys
– easy to operate via EBSO Offline Editor
– low nitrogen consumption with special nozzles 0,5 m3/hour
– selective flux system
– integrated preheater
– soldering of thru-hole components, relays, connectors, switches, transformers etc.
– repeatable high-quality solder joints
– extremely flexible mini wave
– quick and easy changing of solder nozzles
– short and accurate propotioned fluxspray shots
– Stand Alone System

Model: SPA 250
Max Board dimension: 290 x 285 mm
Solder area: 290 x 285 mm
Process: Mini Wave with selective solder nozzle
Flux unit: Sprayfluxer
Preheater: Quartz – emitter
Bottom Side clearance: 25 mm
Approx Warm up Time: 30 min
Shop air: 4 – 6 bar
Solder Temperature: Max. 400°c
Solder Pot capacity: 35 KG
Nitrogen adjustment: 0 – 3m3/hour
Electrical Requirement: 380 V 50/60Hz
Power: 5,5 KW
Weight: 150 Kg
Dimensions: 88cm x 110cm x 140cm

EBSO spa-250 selective soldering machine

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