Branson 4-station cleaning system

Branson 4000 Ultrasonic automatic

Branson 4000 Ultrasonic automatic

Ultrasonic Cleaning system by branson
4-station ultrasonic cleaning system model 4A-70.60-36 / S for aq tier media.
Stainless steel
Bottom tray integrated into the system structure.

Station 1: Ultrasonic Cleaning
Station 2: Rinse in temperate corrosion protection solution
Station 3: Rinse in deionized water
station 4: hot air drying, the cleaning system is viewed from the operator’s side, from left to by turn right.

Installation dimensions (LxWxH) overall dimensions of the plant: approx 4000 x 880 x 1080 mm
Pump-/Filtersystem: 700 x 400 x 560 mm
Electrical / cabinet design Integrated control cabinet on the system front main switch emergency stop switch Control switch: Heating A On / Off, ultrasound on / off, pump on / off Red warning lights “minimum level” Type: Model 4A-70.60-36 / S

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