Nordson Asymtek Century C-708

Nordson Asymtek Century C-708 fluid dispenser
Nordson Asymtek Century C-708 fluid dispenser

Fluid dispenser by Nordson/Asymtek in great condition.

Nordson/Asymtek Century C-708 Product information:

Asymtek Century C-708 Series are designed for a wide range of industrial and electronic applications. The advanced ergonomic design of the Century Series extends into its safety features which reduces risk by protecting operators from injury during the dispensing process. All systems are certified from TUV for the Common European (CE) Standard, EN60204. Asymtek Century C-708 is available with a variety of options such as picture-in-picture vision system, retractable height sensor, needle heater, light curtain, light beacon, vacuum operated purge cup, low air pressure sensor and ergonomically designed workstation.
Asymtek Century C-708 provides a 457 x 457 mm (18 x 18 in.) dispensing area. Absolute positioning accuracy of ±0.13 mm (0.005 in.) applies over the entire work area.
Dispensing Performance (Measured with dots of surface mount adhesive suitable for holding 0805 components)
15,000 dots per hour, 1.0 mm grid
13,750 dots per hour, 2.0 mm grid
12,000 dots per hour, 5.0 mm grid

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