SMTech AVP300 Screen Printer


Screen Printer by SMTech AVP 300, in good condition.

SMTech AVP 300 product information.

Maximum board size 420 x 360mm
Minimum board size 75 x 55mm
Maximum PCB thickness 5mm inc warpage tolerance
Maximum underside clearance 10mm
Maximum PCB weight 0.5kg
Registration accuracy +/- 25 microns
Print area 420 x 350mm
Screen frame size 508 x 508 (internal)
Squeegee pressure 0-15kg
Print speed 1-170mm/sec
Throughput time 20 seconds excluding print time
User Interface Microsoft Windows 3.1
Operational modes Print/print, print/flood, flood/print, on contact 1 or 2 deposits.
Up and down line protocol Smema (alternative interfaces can be specified)
Conveyor belts 2.0mm ‘O’ section
Feed options Left to right, Right to left, left to left.
Air Supply required 5 bars clean air
Vision alignment recognition Fiducials or pads 3 to 30mm from front edge of PCB
Under Stencil Cleaner Standard wet / dry.
Vision System 2-camera system.
Viewing Capability 0-30mm from front edge of PCB fiducials.
Field of vision (Camera field of view ) 8mm x 10mm

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