Universal GSM 2 Pick & Place


UNIVERSAL GSM 2 pick and place
UNIVERSAL GSM 2 pick and place

Pick & Place by Universal GSM 2 Pick & Place, in good condition.
Universal GSM 2 Pick & Place product information.
Dual Beam
(2) 4 Spindle Flex Heads
P Block
Front Camera: STD 3mil
Rear Camera: OAL C4 4mil
SN: 10069108
Universal Platform Software 4.5.0c
Specifications ( See Details above for installed options )
*Universal GSM-2 Features:
High Volume, Fine Pitch Placement Design
Precision Linear Scales
Brushless DC Motors
On-The-Fly Vision System
Two Beams – One Placement Head Mounted In Each Beam
Graphical Interface with an On-Line Component Database
CAD Translation
Machine Performance Simulator
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