Philips Topaz X Pick and Place

philips topaz x
philips topaz x

Pick and Place by Philips, in good condition.

Philips Topaz X product information.

Optimal placement rate: 14,000 cph Simultaneous pick
Nominal placement rate: 9,000 – 11,000 cph
Component Ranges: 0402 – SOP, SOJ, PLCC, QFP 25 X 25 mm
QFP 21 mm (0.83″) with pin pitch down to 0.65 mm (25 mil) Line sensor camera system
QFP 32 mm (1.26″) with pin pitch down to 0.5 mm (20 mil) Optional area CCD camera system
Max. Component height: 6.5 mm
Mounting accuracy:
0.08 mm for chips and SOIC Line sensor camera system
0.06 mm for QFPs Using Precision Head and optional area CCD camera system
Mounting angle: 0 up to ± 180 (steps of 0.01)
Alignment system: Line sensor camera with fore light system for Vision-on-the-Fly;
image processing by VICS 2500 proprietary vision system
Max. Board width: 300 mm (11.8″)
Area CCD camera for fiducial alignment Standard
Types of nozzles: Type 31, 32-2, 33, 34 & MELF
Number of heads: 8
Number of feeder Positions: 100 positions( 8mm Tape)
Feeder Sizes Available: 8mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 32 mm, 56 mm & Stick feeders,
Vibratory feeders also available.

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