Fix Trade Coating Service

Conformal Coating Service with more than 15 years of experience


The Conformal Coating Services process provides protection against fungus, moisture, corrosion, thermal and mechanical shock to PCBS. We have a dedicated ESD protected area for this process. Our ability to manufacture custom plugs and boots ensures process reliability and quality while reducing cost. We also offer AR & UR coated boards for rework. We are ANSI/ESD. We apply all MIL-I 46058C/IPC-CC-830 coatings. Conformal Coating Services prototype runs, quick turnaround and a wide variety of in-stock coatings available. Fix Trade was the first company in Europe who introduced water based conformal coatings which where used in military and industrial environments. Our experience is based on a wide variety of different boards and small series. The short delivery times and excellent quality of work we deliver makes shore that customers have good experiences. We can consult you about;


Design Rules for Conformal Coating and Cleaning,
Clean or No Clean for Conformal Coating Reliability,
Selecting a Coating Based on Product and Environment,
Reworking Conformal Coating and Component Damage,
Process and Field Failures with CoatingsDip or Spray Coating Advantages and Disadvantages,
IPC, ESA and NASA Inspection Requirements for Coating,
In Process Quality Control for Conformal Coating PCBs,


Cleaning Printed Board Assemblies for Coating, Confirming Component Compatibility with Cleaning Materials,
In House or Contract Coating – Cost and Implementation,
PCB Contamination Testing Options for Coated Boards,
Test Methods for Conformal Coating Reliability,
Conformal Coating Defects Causes and Cures,

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One of the most important considerations for PCB conformal coating is ensuring that the coating is compatible with your design goals. The coating must meet your assemblies’ requirements and be the most efficient solution for your project. Fix trade offers adaptable, case-by-case variations to guarantee that your conformal coatings are the ideal match for your specific needs, from first articles to large production quantities. Our engineering, production, quality control and customer service teams will work with you to create the best solution for your project. Ask for more information!