Europlacer Vitesse2 Pick and Place

Europlacer Vitesse Pick and Place
Europlacer Vitesse Pick and Place

Pick and Place by Europlacer, in good condition.
Europlacer Vitesse2 Pick and Place product information.
SMD Range:
0201 to 50 x50mm (12mm max. component height) with BGA and 0.4mm lead pitch ability for QFP’s on-the-fly
Placement Speed:
20,000 cph rated speed (approx. 12,000 real time)
Accuracy (Chips):
+/- 0.100mm (@ 4 sigma)
Accuracy (QFP’s):
+/- 0.060mm (@ 4 sigma)
Min. / Max. Board Size:
50 x 50 x 0.5mm – 500 x 460 x 5.0mm (L x W x T)
Power Supply:
400 V three phase, 50/60 Hz, 15A Peak, 5kVA 3PH + N + E
Air Supply:
6 bar (88 psi), 20 l/min (machine has on-board vac pump)
Approx. Dims (L x D x H):
3.1 x 1.5 (2.1m with trolleys) x 1.5m (L x D x H)
Approx. Weight:
2,200 kgs dry weight (without trolleys or feeders)

Feeder setup station
8mm feeder (195x) -> 2 rol feeder
12mm feeder (38x)
16mm feeder (25x)
24mm feeder (15x)
32mm feeder (3x)
44mm feeder (2x)
Stick feeders (11x)

Vintage; 2005
Trayloader (Type E111171F met SN1611165404) van 30 pos carriers
Terminal for feeder programming (2x)
Trolley for feeders (20x)
Feeder rack (2x)

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