Branson 4 550 Cleaning

Branson 4 550, good condition.

Advanced ultrasonic series 8000 generator with sweep frequency, line/load regulation, auto frequency tracking, and true variable power to assure total control of the ultrasonic cleaning

• Standardised tank size of – 300 x 450 x 550mm deep
• 4 process stations, ultrasonic clean, DI rinse, DI 2nd rinse, and hot air condensor drier.
• Pumped filtration of cleaning fluid
• Contraflow heated deionised rinse stations with weir over facility
• All stainless-steel construction, including frame, tanks, lift-off covers, and countertop
• Recesssed coutertop for fluid spill containment
• Exchange DI carbon and DI resin bottles of stain free rinsing
• User-friendly front-mounted control panel with digital tempearture controllers and watertitght switches
• Low voltage electrical controls
• Directly-bonded piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers
• S8000 sweep-frequency ultrasonic generator,
• Screw-in stainless steel heaters
• Low liquid safety shutoff for ultrasonics, pumps, and heaters
• Easy access to routine maintenance components
• Automation interface for ultrasonic switching

Overall dimensions 2350 x 875 x 1140mm

Manufacturer: Branson
Model: Ergosonics
Serial: W00372
New or Used: Used
Work Envelope (WxDxH): 300 x 450 x 550mm deep
Process Stages: 4 Stage ultrasonic wash, rinse rinse dry
Other Info: Variable power ultrasonics
Weight: 480KG
External Dimensions: 2350 x 875 x 1140mm