Electrovert Aquastorm 200

Electrovert Aquastorm 200 Aqueous PCB in-line Washer, good condition.

Electrovert Aquastorm 200 Aqueous PCB in-line cleaning system

Vintage 09/2000

Electrical specs:

Voltage: 480, 3-Phase @ 60Hz frequency
KVA: 120.6
Max Line Amp: 151.4A
Largest Motor Load: 20 Amp
Wash Pump: 15HP with Top Hurricane and 16 spray bars capable manifold
Wash heaters: (2) 16KW (32KW total)
Chemical Isolation Section: Level 4 with separate water feed line
Rinse Pump: 10HP with Top Hurricane
Rinse heaters: (2) 16KW (32KW total)
Dryer #1: 7.5HP Turbine Blower
Dryer #2: 7.5HP Turbine Blower with IR Heater
Conveyor Motor: 1/8HP 90 VDC (24” conveyor width)
Both input and exit conveyor extension with tilt