Quad QCR 532B Pick and Place

Quad QCR 532B, good condition.

QUAD type QCR 532B, with air extraction module (year 1999)
8 Zone Forced Convection
4 Top & 4 Bottom plus Cooling
•Length 3.2M x 1.2M W x 1.7 H
•400mm process width Right to Left.
•Edge and Belt Conveyor
•Air Operated Hood
•3 Phase 32Amp
•Good Condition
Computer system with easy-to-use graphic display operating software.
·A passive pre-heat section and an integrated thermal profiling system.
·Computer controlled rail width adjustment for edge rail and combination belt/rail oven configurations.
·Multi level password protection.
·Closed loop conveyor speed control.
·Four channel PCB thermal profiling