SMD IR BGA Rework station

SMD IR BGA Rework station, good condition.

Madell BGA rework station
The SMD-IR BGA rework station includes integrated programable infrared reflow for accurate profile control, high precision optical split vision system, x-y-θ adjustable platform, bottom preheat. No need to change hot air nozzles with infrared heating. Profiles are stored in computer(control mode and PC software is the same as in SMD-2004A reflow oven). The station can be used to work with BGA, SOP, FQP, PLCC and other fine pitch SMT components. It is an essential tool for SMT professionals. PC software included. Computer and monitor not included.

Top hot air temperature 100°C to 350°C
Bottom hot air temperature 50°C to 200°C
Heating mode Infrared, automatic control of hot air temperature, heating time and air volume
Chip placing split vision system with CCD video camera, precision ±0.05mm
PCB sizes 40x40mm to 400x350mm, customerized PCB fixtures available
X-Y table adjustment ranges 0 to 50mm in both directions
vacuum Internal vacuum pump
Power supply 220V, 8.5A, or 110V, 1800W