Takaya APT 8400 Flying Prober

Takaya APT 8400 Flying Prober, good condition.

Flying Prober, Fixtureless Tester with AOI Vision
•4 Probe Highspeed In-Circuit system
•Bottom side 2 adjustable probes
•Display 14 or 15 inch CRT Colour Monitor, VGA
•Automatic Correction Function for X, Y co-ordinates
•PC/AT compatible PC (Desk top type)
•RAM 2Mb min, 16Mb max
•FDD 3.5 inch (2HD) x 1 or more
•Programming methods of X, Y co-ordinates: CAD data, Digitizer & Teaching System
•Micro-Camera system using board reference points
•High Speed Stepping Motor (Torque type)
•IC Open Test System (optional) underside test unit, VXI frame and power unit
•Vision System (option) Micro-CDD-Camera optical test with full auto X, Y co-ordinates correction
•In-Line Version, Includes automatic loading unit inside the tester
•Printer (Ticket)