Ersa Versaflow 40 / 50

ERSA Versaflow 40 50

ERSA Versaflow 40 50


Ersa Versaflow Selective Soldering, good condition.

Versaflow Selective soldering
Selective Soldering Process Advantages: Better, Faster, Cleaner & Cheaper!

. consistent LF solder joint quality & significant reduction of DPM
. No re-melting of top side SMD components, as with wave soldering
. PCB is not moving during the soldering process
. Faster cycle times compared to hand and multi-axis soldering
. Reduced ionic contamination and reduced flux consumption
. Heavy mass multilayer soldering without excessive thermal stress
. Reduces risks and costs of operator dependent hand soldering
. Significant reduction of materials and consumables costs (N2, flux, solder tips, etc)