Vi Technology AOI System 5000

Vi Technology AOI System 5000, good condition.

VI Technology
VI5000 Model
Year 2004
In Line Fully Automated AOI

Vi Technology VI-5000 Powered with Vectoral Imaging , the Vi-5000 Series are one of the most accurate AOI machines worldwide. Chosen by industry leaders for Zero-defect Line applications, this system can be placed at any location of the board assembly line providing ever better flexibility. Inspection capabilities include presence, absence, polarity, placement accuracy, solder joint inspection, OCV, lifted lead inspection. For more accuracy, the system was developed using: An XY gantry with, granite structure with steel sub-frame. Dual X axis motors for high speed. High-speed linear motor and granite beam for Y-Axis. Closed-loop linear motors with high resolution linear encoders. Equipped with Vi TECHNOLOGY ® Closed Loop, the Vi-5000 Series is the proven AOI solution for Zero-defect Line applications.

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