Quins Inspection System

The quins inspection system
The quins inspection system

Quins-easy, an Quins inspection system out of the practice for the  practice
and a hundred times proven, with many benefits for your quality assurance.

The specially developed Quins Inspection System LED lighting guarantees a perfect, shadow-free
Image quality with which you recognize all errors with easy (even laser markings).
Because of the simple usage of the Quins Inspection System it is possible for you to test units in least time, 100 % correct and
without programming effort. No matter where, wThe Quins Inspection systemhen and what you need to check.
All tests and results are automatically recorded and stored by the Quins Inspection System.
Alternation image display
The Quins Inspection System patented inspection procedure is based on the principle of the automatically trued alternation image display between the test- and the reference image. With this procedure you optimally support your physiological optics. Quins Inspection System uncoveres errors immediately, fast and reliably. They could be documented and edited by a great number of automatized functions. At a solution up to 1200 dpi you receive the correct enlargement for every inspection.

You can inspect everything with the Quins Inspection System.
SMT -placement
THT – placement
Printed circuit board layout
or other
You do not need any expensive inspection programs.
You save a lot of time and costs, and you win safety as well as quality.
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