Marantz M 22 DL Inspection System

Marantz M 22 DL
Marantz M 22 DL

Two automated inspection systems by Marantz, both in very good condition.

Marantz M 22 DL product details:
2 systems in the following configuration
Marantz M22XDL460 AOI,
Power Mac G5 PC and a 17″ monitor
Vantage: 2006

Marantz Aoi Systems
-Automatic Optical Inspection of PCB’s
-Inspects: SMT & THT Components (presence, type, polarity, offset, text etc),Reflow and Wave Solder Joints (including fillet),Solder Paste (2 dimensional)
-High Speed Digital XGA Colour Camera (CameraLink Interface)
-DOAL (Coaxial lighting using prism), Side and Main lighting using PWM LED’s
-Telecentric lens for parallax reduction
-Analysis via Synthetic Imaging (colour), Greyscale and Histogram
-Imports PnP data and Gerber files
-Programmable with library or Golden Board
-Prototype mode for quick setup
-Automatic custom library generation
-Choose from different Resolution/Field of View combinations (resolution vs. speed)
-22X software for Desk-top and In-Line versions fully compatible
-Available for medium and large PCB sizes

-White LED-Top-lighting
-Red LED side lighting
– Additional white LED lightning direct in X-ray of telocentric lens for an incomparable solder joint inspection

Further important advantages of Marantz systems:
-Extreme high speed of inspection
-Negligible low error alarm rate
– Simple and quick programming

Marantz M 22 DL

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