Zipa-Tec Select 250s Selective Solder

Zipa Tec Select 250 S
Zipa Tec Select 250 S

Selective soldering station by Zipa-tec, in good condition.

Zipa-tec select 250s product details:

– Pump system and solder pot made from stainless steel or titanium for 25 kg solder capacity Sn63Pb36
– Standard-nozzles with 4-25 mm diameter
– Wettable nozzles 3-25 mm diameter
– Jet-Wave solder nozzle up to 300 mm wide
– Spezial tool to change the solder pump
– Nitrogen anti-oxidation soldering technology
– Selective spray
– or Micro Drop airless fl ux system with single or double fl ux heads and 2 liter fl ux container
– Convection or quarz preheater
– Quick change pol trolley/cart with preheating up to 180° C

– Siemens S7 controller with touch panel
– 5 to 100 menu storage in the machine
– axis precision 0,1 mm
– Flux level monitoring
– Exhaust air monitoring
– Nitrogen monitoring
– Compressed air monitoring
– Maintenance schedule monitoring
– Messages reported to display and to light tower
– password protection

Programming via ZIPATEC Offline Editor
– easy to operate via Offline Editor (WindowsTM)
– with any computer or laptop

– type in the X, Y coordinates or take your gerber data
– comfortable and easily to operate

zipa-tec Select 250s

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