REHM V6 Nitrogen Reflow Oven

Rehm V6 reflow oven
Rehm V6 reflow oven

Reflow oven by Rehm , in good condition.

Rehm V6 reflow oven techinical specifications.

Exterior Dimensions:
Width: 232.283 in (590.0 cm)
Depth: 55.118 in (140.0 cm)
Height: 59.055 in (150.0 cm)
Weight: 4,409 lb (2,000 kg)
Nitrogen reflow oven
(5) Preheating zones, top
(2) Peak zones, top and bottom
(1) Cooling zone,
top and bottom Heating zones length: 3300mm (with cooling zone: 4630mm)
Condensation trap Heat exchanger
External cooling water connection
Pin chain transport with automatic chain oiler
Transport width: 2″ to 16″
Flow: Left to right

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