DIMA HS 100 Screen Printer


Screen Printer by DIMA HS 100, in good condition.

DIMA HS 100 Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer product information.

The ultimate fine pitch printer Key Features:
• Self learning fiducial camera’s.
• Digital controlled Squeegee pressure.
• All machine parameters are programmable and PC controlled.
• Vision for board alignment using 2 CCD cameras.
• Quick-lock camera support arms and Ergo-grip camera mounts for accurate positioning.
• Mylar frame for easy set-up of printer.
• PC controlled running on Windows® and DIMA-soft®
• Unlimited file storage.

The hart of the machine is based on a rigid casting where the motor driven printing head is guided over the frame by linear bearings. All parameters like printing speed, squeegee pressure, lift-off speed, printing stroke and maintenance parameters can be programmed from the windows based user interface.

Print Area: 450mm x 400mm max
Board size: 40 x 40 to 520 x 400mm
Board tooling Thickness Range 0.8 to 15mm
Work Table X/Y adjustment : + 10mm
Radial adjustment : +1º
Tooling Adjustable magnetic type 25mm underside clearance.
Component Height: Top max. 15mm – bottom max. 25mm
Machine Capability: 0.3mm pitch QFP 0201 chip
Screen Frame Size : 585 x 585mm 23” x 23”
Power Requirement : 110-220 VAC / 50 – 60Hz / 500 Watt
Air Requirement : 6 Bar / 85 PSI / 80 L/min
Operating Temperature : 18 – 30 degree Celsius
Noise emission during operation < 70 dB(A),
Dimensions ( l.w.h.) : 1700 x 1200 x 1300mm / 67” x 47” x 51”
Weight : Weight 480Kg (1056lbs)

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