MPM Accela Stencil Printer

MPM Accela Stencil Printer
MPM Accela Stencil Printer

Screen Printer by MPM Accela Stencil Printer, in good condition.

MPM Accela Stencil Printer product information.

Accela Stencil Printer – Innovation Leader

The MPM Accela printer from Speedline is the ultimate printing solution for manufacturers of high-volume, high-technology circuit boards. The Accela printer processes complex boards with unprecedented speed, accuracy and ease.

Best in Class accuracy and repeatability

Unmatched tooling capabilities
Tool-less dedicated workholders – The Accela uses no Tools to secure the workholders which unlike traditional workholders which required to be screwed to the Z-table. This provides easier set-up and quicker change-over.
Camera verification for pin placement

Increased yield with SpeedVision
High-speed 2D inspection with device-level SPC reporting
GerberEZ Teach

Advanced Traceability and Process Verification
Bar code scan provides historical data retention
Set-up verification ensures all hardware, materials, and process settings are correct prior to start-up
Patented “parallel processing” increases throughput by 20 – 80% without changing existing parameters.

2D-Wipe Preload
2D-Wipe Preload Side View
Changeover with Verification
Full 2D with Wipe
Solvent Roller

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