Juki 760 L Pick and Place

Juki 760 L
Juki 760 L

Pick and Place by Juki, in good condition.

Juki 760 L product information.

– Used
– High-Speed Fine Pitch Flexible Assembler
– Automatic High-Precision Laser Placement System for Surface Mount Components
– 2001 Vintage that was sold refurbished in 2008
– Z Height Sensor
– Feeder Float Detector
– Two-head Laser Alignment System
– The KE-760 incorporates two large laser heads plus a grayscale vision system
which can handle components up to 50mm square.
– Vision recognition capabilities include all ball inspection which detects missing
or abnormal balls on BGAs and split recognition for centering connectors up to 150mm long.
– Power Requirements: 208, 220, 240 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 3 KVA
– Program Size: Maximum 2,000 placements per circuit /
Maximum 100 non-matrix or 400 matrix circuits per PCB
– Self-Calibration: Self calibration routine allows operator to recalibrate at anytime in just minutes
– Up and Down Line connection: SMEMA standard
– Teach Camera: Allows teaching of placements with one
of two CCD cameras mounted on the head assembly
– Auto Tool Changer: The tool changer holds up to sixteen (16) vacuum nozzles
– Placement Heads: Two (2) high speed assembly heads driven
by an overhead X/Y gantry positioning system with closed-loop twin
AC servo motors and magnetic linear encoders
– Component Centering: Non-Contact TouchLess Centering (TLC) using
LaserAlign Sensor or upward looking gray scale vision centering
– Laser Coplanarity Inspection option for fine pitch SMDs.

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