Heller 1500 EXL Reflow Oven



Reflow Oven by Heller, in good condition.
HELLER 1500 EXL product information.
The most efficient heat transfer, from extra high-volume, high-velocity, heating modules, producing temperature gradients of less than 2oC throughout the oven
Instant-response heating modules that react in less than one second to temperature changes of less than 0.1oC to maintain profile integrity for heavy board loads
Flux filtration system removes up to 95% of flux from the atmosphere – processing boards in a flux-free environment
The lowest nitrogen consumption in the industry: 350 SCFH* with our Ultra Low option
Six-sigma reliability for the most demanding production environments
Single or dual-rail edge hold conveyor for greater versatility in board handling.
User-friendly WindowsTM software.Alternate curing configuration, with topside IR panels to create a temperature differential that protects heatsensitive components
An optional UV module may be added for UV cure adhesives
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