Heller 1708 Reflow Oven

Heller 1708
Heller 1708


Reflow Oven by Heller, in good condition.
Heller 1708 product information.
Pure Forced Convection Reflow Oven with the following features and benefits:
– 18” Feed Conveyor and 18” Removal Conveyor
– 90″ Heated Tunnel Length
– 12 Independent Temperature Controlled
350°C “Lead Free” Heating Zones
– Spike Zone Design for minimal liquidous time
– Complete Computer Control System including:
– SVGA Color Monitor
– Computer Swing Arm support
– Complete Software Package including:
– Password Protection
– 3 Thermocouple “Real Time” profiling
– CPK & SPC data and alarm logging with timed download or printout capability
– Profile Storage/Overlay Software including the following features:
– Profile Graph Storage of up to 500 graphs
– Profile graph overlay of “benchmark” profile with current profile
– Profile graph phase shifting to align two graphs
– Moveable slope window providing average slope over given portion of graph
– 6 color graphics to distinguish between graphs
– PID temperature control to ensure zone temperature stability to +/- 1°C
– Signal Light Tower to indicate system status
– 4 moveable casters for easy relocation around shop floor
– Powered controlled Clamshell Hood Lift •
Single exhaust port for easy facilitization
– 380 Volt, 50HZ, 3 phase, 100 AMPS per phase
– Left to Right Conveyor Travel • Floor space requirements: 134″L x 54″W x 63″H
– Enhanced Frame Design • Breaker Overcurrent Protection
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