Miele Professional G 7828

Miele Professional G 7828
Miele Professional G 7828

Cleaning Station by Miele, in good condition.

Miele Professional G 7828 product information.

Cleaning Station
H 2420, B 1150, T 870 mm
Cleaning technology
Fresh water system
Thermal disinfection at 93°C with 10 min. holding time in accordance with § 18 IfsG (German legislation on the containment of epidemics) to ensure fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal disinfection
Patented DESIN vario TD process for rigid fibre optics, drive systems
Direct coupling system for upper baskets and mobile injector units

Control system
Freely programmable, electronic Profitronic controls
4-line, full-text navigation display of programme, programme sequence, temperatures and faults
64 programme slots
8 Service programmes and
12 standard programmes
44 additional customisable slots
Rotary programme selector switch
Programme compilation direct or via a PC/laptop
Appropriate codes can be entered to restrict programme access and programming of system parameters
RS 232 serial interface
9 potentially free contacts for vent control and peak-load cut-out


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