ERSA Hotflow 5 / 2 Reflow Oven

ERSA Hotflow 5 / 2, good condition.

HOTFLOW 5, Forced Convection Lead Free Reflow Oven
Heated Zones: 4 vertical, with top and bottom heaters in reflow zone
Total Heated Length: 164cm (approx)
Cooling: 51.5cm Fan assisted (top and bottom)
Conveyor Type/Speed:Edge pin/ 25 to 200cm per min (Fitted with Low Mass Tubes)
Conveyor Width: Edge pin 40 to 500mm (manual width adjust)
YOM 2001
Power Supply:415V three phase, 48 KW approx. start up, 7 KW approx. running
Approx. Dims (L x D x H): 3.68 x 1.71 x 2.0 (L x D x H) covers open
Approx. Weight: 1300 kgs