DIMA Optimat Pick and Place

Dima Optimat, good condition.


20x 8mm feeder
4x 12mm feeder
1x 16mm feeder
1x Tray feeder units
1x ic feeder with several stick feeder adapters

placer is a flexible computer controlled machine for automatic placement of SMT components on to PCB?s or ceramic substrates using the pick and place principle combined with optical alignment. The optical alignment allows you to process components up to 33 x 33 mm in one view. The Optimat can be uses as an in-line or off-line machine connected with a reflow oven or a complete assembly line. The machine is extremely easy to operate and through its modular concept it can be configured exactly to your needs. The solid construction and the possibility to put more machines in line make this machine the perfect choice for medium to large volume assembly. Feeder modules Feeders are placed into the Optimat in the form of a module. Modules are placed into the Optimat without tools. 15 modules can be placed into the Optimat. Tape feeders Tape feeders are placed into a cassette. One cassette can take 7 pcs of 8 or 12 mm feeders. Different sizes of tape can be mixed in one cassette. Tape feeders can be placed into a cassette without tools. A cassette with feeders forms one module. Vibratory feeders Vibratory feeders come as a module with 3 vibrators. Each vibrator can be set separately. At the end of each vibrator a nest is mounted to guide the components. In-line More Optimat?s in-line completed with a DIMA reflow-oven create a fast and flexible production unit. Optimat’s fit in every production line meeting the SMEMA specification. Process information Easy to analyse information informs the operator about status of the Optimat. Pull-down menus lead you easily to the menu item you want to work in. Pick and place head Using optical alignment of components allowed us to construct a simple and robust pick and place head combined with a mechanism to transport components. 6 different tools are available and are changed automatically. All components are placed using spring-loaded tools. Tray stations A tray station takes the place of one module and moves the tray over the transport system so that the components are in the reach of the placement head with a minimum loss of feeder space.