IBL BLC 500 Vapour Phase

IBL BLC 500 Vapour Phase machine. In very good condition

Location : Fix Trade Facilities The Netherlands

The Machine
The SLC/BLC reflow vapor phase soldering
systems (available as batch or inline) are perfect
for medium to high volume production. The
machines offer highest quality performances with
smallest footprints.
Many patented features are available and provide
a wide range of flexibility
• 11 machine types for different board sizes
• Small footprint
• 2-chamber design
• Oxygen free soldering
• No overheating of components
• Low power consumption
Standard Equipment / Specification
• Comfortable operation with Touch Screen
• Automatic carrier in- and output
• Program memory up to 50 programs
• Wide variety of adjustable solder profiles
• Low fluid consumption with 2-chamber design
and fluid recovery
• Integrated cooling fan for board cooling
• Minimum maintenance and wear due to „cool
handling“ (all moving parts outside the process
• 4 internal channels for comfortable
temperature measuring and profiling
• Energy management system
• Fluid level check
• Automatic liquid filtering
• Integrated illumination of the soldering area
Special features
• IPS, Intelligent Profiling System incl.
• Soft Vapor Temperature Control (SVTC),
temperature regulated profiles
• Pilot Mode, set-up and profiling in one
• Lead-free and leaded soldering with one fluid
only, with different maximum temperatures
• Built-in software profiling capability
• Syncro-Mode
• Maintenance-free transport system (patented)
• Easy access to process chamber