Complete Used SMT line for sale.

We have a complete SMT line for sale. It can be sold as a complete line or as seperate machines. Please send us an e-mail for further inquiries and information at

The line consists of the following machines:

NUTEK Multi magazine loader NTM110LL,
NUTEK Conveyor 500mm MIC0410L-500-1,
DEK Horizon 03i screenprinter model 710,
NUTEK Conveyor (verification) 500mm NTM410L-05-1 (V),
3x Assembleon MG-1 (Yamaha YG-100),
1x Assembleon MG-8 (Yamaha YG-88),
NUTEK Table/Conveyor 2x750mm NTM510ICXL-1500-2-2HW,
VITRONICS Soltec MyReflow 7038 N2 Water and/or air cooled,
NUTEK Conveyor 2x 600mm NTM410XL-1200-2-2HW,
NUTEK dual-line-unloader (good/bad) NTM650SXL,

The Assembleon machines come with an assortment of nozzles, and feeders and trolleys (Total of 16 with 24 slots each) are also for sale. Feeders in stock are:

CLI-84 8mm
CLI-823 8mm
CLI-825 8mm
FSI-25 8mm
CLI-12 12mm
CLI-16 16mm
CLI-24 24mm
CLI-32 32mm
CLI-44 44mm
CLI-56 56mm