Conformal coating: Seamark ZM-830 Selective coating machine

A recent addition to our product range, The Seamark ZM-830 Selective conformal coating machine.


  1. X, Y, Z, and triaxial movements to accurately achieve selective spraying of various circuit boards avoiding uncoated areas such as connectors.
  2. Accurately achieve selective spraying of various circuit boards.
  3. It can realize multi-track spraying such as spot coating, line spraying and curve spraying, and can complete the spraying process of high density and complex circuit board.
  4. It can effectively and evenly coat the edge of the device, and it can eliminate the coating shadow effect.
  5. The system accuracy is ±0.02 mm.
  6. High-speed, high-reliability, high-stability drive and control system.
  7. The standard equipment carries two valves at the same time, and the two valves can realize the automatic switching and cooperation of the spraying action and can realize the high-density circuit board spraying process.
  8. The device automatically narrows and narrows the function with the intelligent (input board width can be automatically adjusted in place).
  9. Programming mode: The software program has data input automatic programming; the handle manually enters any track automatic programming mode.


ZM-830 Selective Coating Machine 
Dimension L*W*HL1060mm*W1200mm*H1700mm
Equipment platformT20 mm steel plate chrome plated
Control methodIndustrial Control + Board
Operation methodComputer control
Programming methodManual teaching
Running program storage quantity1000pcs above
PCB transfer height920±20mm
Transportation speed0-5000mm/min
Delivery directionL→R(R→L)
Transmission motor power2 stepping motors
PCB width range50-450mm
Adjustment methodIntelligent automatic adjustment
Adjust the driveStepper motor + double precision screw drive
X.Y.Z triaxial driveJapan Fuji servo motor + precision screw module driver
X.Y.Z three-axis maximum operating speed800mm/s
Number of valves2pcs
Valve type1 small spray valve, 1 valve
PCB sizeMAX:W450mm*L450mm
PCB board component heightMAX70mm
Drum capacityA 10L stainless steel inner barrel with stirring function pressure barrel + A small cleaning pressure barrel with stainless steel pressure tank for cleaning
Cleaning functionThe device comes with cleaning function
Lighting sectionThe device comes with lighting
Detection sectionThe device comes with UV detection light source
Gas source4-6kgf/cm2
Total Power1.7KW

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