Miscellaneous: Seamark ZM-810 LCD Laser repair machine

Recently added to our product range, the Seamark ZM-810 LCD laser repair machine.

LCD screen laser repair machine (hereinafter referred to as laser machine), in the LCD screen maintenance industry is at high-end technology of repairing,  is the most high-end technology. In the LCD screen repair area except COF losing welding, TAB burnt (the fault with can be repaired by bonding machine) other such as bright line, half line, point, line, coarse, multi-line can use laser machine to repair. Laser machine in the LCD screen repair process has high efficiency, high repair rate, low cost (the same fault in the laser machine does not need to replace parts, not only save cost but also improve repair rate not influenced by lack accessories) etc, and widely used by large production factory, brand after-sales and maintenance of the company as a main screen equipment.

Mount base confidential steel base

  • X, Y effective stroke 1250 mm X 900 mm
  • X, Y axis drive form with servo motor system confidential screw
  • X, Y minimum resolution of 1 um/pulse
  • Less than or equal to 5 um reproducibility
  • Z axis range of 100 mm
  • The Z axis driver form with servo motor system confidential screw
  • The Z axis minimum resolution 0.1 um/pulse
  • (Will be subject to the actual design configuration.)

Optical imaging system

  • Microscope: observation/laser processing and special
  • The CCD: 1/2 “color CCD
  • Fall shoot the light source, high brightness halogen light source system: (100 w)
  • Transmission light source, high brightness halogen light source system: (150 w)
  • Guide Light high brightness halogen Light source system: (100 w)
  • Objective switching system: 4 hole/electric switch mode (linear)
  • Precision optical lens group: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x (the latter two have observed/laser processing function).
Power supplyvoltage 220V(110V optional)
Exterior size1800 mm * 1200 mm * 1600 mm
(the actual design shall prevail)
Work platform1490 mm X 1100 mm
Machine weight600KG
Working environment  temperature20 ºC~30 ºC + / – 5 ºC
Work environment
relative humidity
65 + / – 5% RH
Laser systemVD control system
Wave length
(optical wavelength)
1064/532 nm double wavelength (532 nm for adjust)
Cooling methodWater-cooled/air-cooled
laser power3-8 mj/Pulse
Vibration frequency1 ~ 20 Hz/seconds
The maximum
peak power
1064 wave amplitude8 ~ 6 nsec
Output power control:512 steps for 0-100% Hi/Low switch – able
Flash Lamp Life Time:1year or greater than 1000000 shots
Laser oscillator
warranty period:
1 year
Interface:RS – 232
Other name:Laser machine
Processing load and X/Y/Z axis driving system 
Load material precision grinding optical glass platform. 
For maximum 65 inch LCD panel screen size. 
Point (3 µm X 3 µm), line (50 µm long X 3 µm), block (50 µm X 50 µm) repair 
To repair the mist of polarizing film containing the LCD panel 
Dual display electronic brake light red and red box 
Light gate size and the parameters of the lens ratio and laser power storage and use 
The actual laser configuration specifications shall prevail

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