Solder paste inspection: Seamark 3D solder paste inspection

Another recent addition to our line of products, The Seamark 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine (3D SPI) is a SMT testing device that calculates the solder paste height printed on PCB board by triangulation method based on optical principle.

The double digital projection grating structure ensures that the effective visual field of the product is not disturbed by shadows; 5MP high-speed plane array camera and telecentric lens are used to ensure the extremely high image quality and effect; The real color image and analog image function are used to detect the 3D quality of solder paste and red glue process; To support the data import of Gerber, CAD and other formats, The programming is fast and easy, average 5~10 min.


Inspection SystemCameraDigital High Speed CCD 5M Pixel
Lamp-houseRing R/G/B LED
FOV36*36m(18μm), 30*30m(15μm)
Speed Per FOV0.35~0.45sec/fov
itemsSolder/Red gum: Volume、Area、Height、Shape、Shift、Bridge、Overflow
DefectsMissing、Shift、Excessive, insufficient, Bridge、Pull、Collapse, Shape、Gold finger、Height、Overflow
Height Range1~1000um
Area Range0.15mm×0.15mm~10mm×10mm
Height Detection Resolution0.37um
Height Accuracy on Certificated Target1um
Height/Area/Volume Repeatability<1um@3sigma(height)
<1%@3sigma(Area, Volume)
Mechanical SystemPCB ConveyorBottom-up fix; Auto transmit and width correct based on SMEMA;Height: 900±20mm
PCB Size50x50mm~400x330mm
PCB Thickness0.5~3.0mm
Max PCB Warp<2mm
X,Y PlatformDriverAC servo system
Moving Speed700mm/s
Software SystemOperation SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 X64
CharacteristicsDual 3D Projection(Single optional)avoid shadow and reflection
OperationGraphic programming, Chinese, English
Result2D/3D true color
MARK2 Common Marks can be chosen, or muti-marks can be chosen and skip function of array boards
ProgrammingGerber 274D/X、CAD,Offline program,Bare Board Teach
Barcode RecognitionOne dimensional code, 2D Barcode
MES SupportStandard port available
SPCOffline SPCSupport
SPC ChartAny Time Chart((excel、jpg、bmp ),histogram and control chart to show volume、area、height、shift
Control SystemComputerIndustrial computer:Intel Quad-core CPU Memory:8G,Hard disk:1TB
Display19 inch TFT
OthersAir Supply0.5MPA,40cm³/min
Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)110x110x165cm
WeightAbout 650 KG
Power SupplyAC220V±10%,50/60Hz,1200W
Working EnvironmentTemperature: 10-40℃,Humidity: 30-80%RH

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