AOI: Seamark Z5P Off-Line AOI Inspection

Recently added to our line of products, the Seamark Z5P Off-line automated inspecion machine has multi-program, Multi-board test and autoamtic switching between front and back test programs, Smart camera barcode recognition, combination of remote programming and height funcions.


  1. Can be effectively used in after printing, before reflow,after reflow, wave soldering, and other related non-standard testing.
  2. Intelligent program control, can call programs automatically by the camera identify the barcode or label on the PCB.
  3. Can communicate with other station equipment through the communication module, and seamless docking with MES.
  4. Software testing algorithm can be flexibly and freely combined to improve the control accuracy.
  5. Support large data server mode, can central centralized control by SPC software, one operator control multiple devices.
  6. Intelligent data alarm function, according to the user’s production management needs to control the data, special alert information needs to be recognized by administrator, to ensure strict control the product quality.


Recognition SystemInspection Using multiple algorithms synthetically such as WIDM, Color Image contrast technology. Color extracting technology, similarity, two-value handling technology , OCR Contour analysis, Solder ball inspection and Wave DIP analysis technology and so on.
 Camera 5 MP Color camera:20um(15um for optical)
 Lamp-house 3 Rings RGB LED lamp-house, with special coaxial optical for option.
 Image processing speed0201 Chip< 10ms
standard height
  Per-image Time<170ms
standard height
 Inspection ItemsPaste Printing DefectsMisaligned, overflow, insufficient, pasting open, stain
  Component DefectsMissing, shift, skewed, tombstone, billboard, overturned, reversed polarity, wrong, damaged
  Solder DefectsOverflow, insufficient, short solder, stain, false solder
 Wave Soldering Inspect Overflow, insufficient, short solder, stain, false solder
 Anti Static Measures Anti static electric outlet, anti static wreath
Mechanical SystemPCB Size 25x25mm-480*330mm (Can Customized Size)
 PCB Thickness 0.5 – 2.5mm
 PCB Warp Tolerance <2mm
 Component Clearance TOP≤28/option:55mm, BOT≤75mm
 Minimum Space Parts 20um:0201Chip,0.4PitchlC
15um:01005Chip, 0.3Pitch IC
 X, Y PLATFORMDriverAC servo system
  Moving Speed700mm/s
Software SystemOperation System Microsoft Windows 10
CharacteristicsAutomatic call the program & identify the top or bottom side of the PCB; Support no PCB programming; Intelligent communication, docking with MES: Intelligent data alert function;Support the central centralized database model
  OperationGraphical programming, easy to operate; Multiple algorithms can be free combination; Support offline programming & debugging; Automatically generate SPC reports.
 MarkMark Numbers3 marks can be chosen
  Recognizing Speed0.5s/pcs
ControllerComputer Industrial Computer,CPU:I3CPU,Memory:16G,Harddisk:2TB
 Display 22 inch TFT
OtherMachine Dimensions 87×104*130cm
 Weight ~360kg
 Power Supply AC220V, 10%, single phase 50/60H乙 power consumption 800W

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