Solderwave: Seamark KTS-350 Wave soldering machine

Recently added to our line of products, the Seamark KTS-350 Is an automatic wave solder machine with complete automation of fluxing, preheating and wave soldering modules. It’s a good choice for large scale SMT production.

1. Fully enclosed glass door, transparent,pneumatic holder to support, ensure the operating and repairing space.
2. Fluxer and air knife pressure regulators.
3. High-quality motorized solder pot with easy access.
4. The heating module adopts a drawer design, easy to replace or maintenance.
5. High-accuracy conveyor system with Panasonic motor.
6. High power centrifugal cooling system.
7. Automatic failure alarm.
8. Automatic finger cleaning.
9. Nitrogen protection system (optional).


Wave Soldering Machine 
PCB widthMax.50-350mm
PCB convey height750±50mm
Conveyor speed0-1800mm/Min
Component height limitMax.100mm
Wave height range0~18mm keep steady
Wave quantity2
Preheating length1800mm
Preheating zone4 zones
Conveyor directionLeft to right
Preheat power20KW
Preheat temp.Room temp. to 250℃ (adjustable)
Heating modelHot air
Solder bar typeLead-free
Solder pot power14KW
Solder pot capacityApprox.480kg
Solder pot materialCast iron
Solder pot type4th adjustable
Heating technologyMatrix straight heating, heating efficiency up to 95%
Solder pot temp.Room temp. to 350℃, accuracy±1-2℃
Solder pot temp. accuracy±1℃
Finger typesStrong titanium finger /customized
Solder bar adding wayManually
Temp. controlP.I.D +SSR
Machine controlPLC+PC
Width adjustManually/motorized
Flux adding wayAutomatic
Flux flow rate10-100ml/min
Spray methodStep motor+ ST-6 nozzle
Flux recycleTray to collect
Electricity3P 5 wires 380V/3P 220V
Total powerMax.35KW
Normal running powerApprox.3-5kw
Air supply4-7KG/CM2

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