X-Ray: Seamark XC2000 inline Component counter

Recently added to our line of products, the Seamark XC2000 is an inline automatic counting machine. It uses the X-Ray perspective principle and the independently developed algorithm software with AI function, which can quickly and accurately calculate the number of materials in the reel, it can also upload MES data and automatically print the material labels.


  1. With automatic loading/unloading function.
  2. Compared with traditional counting machine, there is no need to unpack or transfer the reel.
  3. Suitable for all types of chip components, inclnding 01005.
  4. Accuracy of counting reaches more than 99.99%.
  5. Measurable reel diameter is 7-15 inches.
  6. Innovative detection environment and algorithm with AI function.
  7. With automatic sorting of defective products.
  8. With automatic printing and attaching material labels.
  9. Can realize the function of database storage and MES data upload.


X-Ray Tube Source Specification
TypeSealed Micro-Focus X-Ray Tube
Voltage80 KV
Operating Voltage Range30-80KV
Operating Current Range200 -700μA
Max Output Power56W
Micro Focus Spot Size30μm-40μm
Flat Panel Detector Specification
TypeTFT Industrial Dynamic FPD
Pixel Matrix3072×3072
Field of View427mm×427mm
A/D Conversion Bit16bits
Input Power220V  10A  50-60HZ
Max Sample Size510mm×650mm
Control SystemIndustrial PC WIN7/ WIN10 64bits
Net WeightApprox 2200KG

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