Reflow: Seamark KTS-430 Reflow oven

Recently added to our line of products, the Seamark KTS-430 is an autoamtic reflow solder machine with 4 heating zones which are capable of lead free reflow soldering.

1. High efficiency and energy-save Swedish 110V nickel-chromium heating pipe is used in heating system (replacement within three years), radiation power peak wavelength 4µM, equipped with surface reflector, high thermal efficiency, rapid heating speed, specially-made strong hot air cycle structure system, making PCB and components heating equally, completely eliminate the shadow effect.

2. Adopt high-reliable high-current solid-state relay non-contact output, safe and reliable, combined with the temperature controller which has unique fuzzy control function, always monitoring the outside temperature and heat value changes, control heating components with minimizing pulse, fast response to ensure temperature control accuracy ±1℃, the error of inside temperature distribution ±2℃. Temperature distribution in the length direction conforms to IPC standards.

3. The intelligent micro-computer precision controller, through the intelligent operation of PID, control heating automatically, increasing blurry controlling function, overshoot and suppress function can respond to outside thermal changing with the fast speed, plus the inside controller could make the temperature more stable.

4. Heating pipe modularization design, easy to repair and assembly.

5. Imported Italian high temperature and high-speed motor, stable operation, small vibration, small noise.

6. The upper oven body can be lifted up to clean up the inside.

7. With temperature tolerance, fault diagnosis, sound, and light alarm, power abundant, rapid heating, from room temperature to constant temperature of about 15 minutes.

8. Dedicated SSR radiator, radiating efficiency is significantly improved, effectively extends its service life.

9. All adopt imported components to ensure the entire system of high reliability.


Heating Zone4
Heating Zone Length1400mm
Heating MethodHot air
Cooling Zone1
Cooling MethodAir Cooling
Max.PCB Width300mm
Transmission Belt Height880±20mm
Transmission Speed0-2000mm/min
Transmission TypeMesh Transmission
Power3-phase 380V(220V optional)50/60Hz
Starting Power16KW
Working PowerAppro 3KW
Warm-up TimeAbout 15 minutes
Temperature RangeRoom temperature to 400℃
Temperature Control Accuracy±1℃
Temperature Distribution±2℃
Temperature Control TypePID closed-loop control,SSR driver
Temperature Abnormal AlarmYes

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