Reflow: Seamark KTS-800 Reflow oven

Another recent addition to our line of products, the Seamark KTS-800 is an automatic reflow solder machine with 8 Heating Zones which are capable of lead-free reflow soldering. 

1. Every single heating zone can be individually closed on its software.
2. High efficient air lane, provides abundant air.
3. High strength and hardened rail, is very durable and wear-resistant.
4. Automatic adjust by spring, avoid the chain stuck due to the heating.
5. The lubrication is controlled by PC, lubrication cycle and time can be set(there are three modes: fine, standard, economical. There is also manual lubrication in software)
6. Dismountable structure, provide wide space for maintenance.
7. Automatic alarm, self-lock function, safe and reliable.


Model KTS-800
Heating zonesTop 8, bottom 8
Heating zone length3110mm
Exhaust capacity11㎡/min×2
Control system
Electricity supply3P 380V/220V 50/60HZ
Total power64KW
Start power30KW
Consumption power9KW
Speed control3 Inverters adjust
Warm up timeApprx.30minute
Conveying system
Rail structure2 sectional rails
Chain structureStainless steel, stuck-free type
PCB Max. width50-400mm
Component heightTop/bottom 30mm
Conveying directionLeft to right
ControlIndustrial computer
Cooling zones qty.Top 3, bottom 3
Rectifying plateThick copper plate
Temp. control rangeRoom temp.~300℃
Temp. control accuracy±1℃(static state)
Temp. control methodPID +SSR drive+ PLC
PCB temperature deviation±1.5℃
Data saveAll profiles can be saved
Abnormal alarmHigh, low temp. alarm
Rail fixed methodFront fix
Conveying height900±20mm
Conveying methodMesh+ chain+ rail
Conveying speed300-2000mm
Cooling systemAir cooling

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