Stencil Printers: Seamark ZM-YS400T and ZM-YS1200T Stencil Printers

Recently added to our product range, the Seamark ZM-YS400T and 1200T are high precision semi-automatic stencil printers suitable for use in the PCB assembly process.

1) Solid and stable design
2) Panasonic PLC Program control, more stable and reliable;
3) HMI control panel, easier operation;
4) Scraper can rotate 45 degrees upward, convenient for cleaning and replacing of mesh and scraper;
5) The scraper holder can be adjusted back and forth to select the appropriate printing position;
6) One way and two way can be set, many printing modes can be set;
7) It has the function of automatic counting, which is convenient for the statistics of production output;
8) Unique program design, easy adjustment of printing scraper holder.

Seamark ZM-YS1200T Screen printer


PCB L×W(Min-Max)(50×50)-(300×400)(50×50)-(300×1200)
Machine/Wooden pack(L×W×H)900×900×1650/1000×1000×18501650×900×1650/1750×1000×1850
Machine/packed weight280/320kg500/550kg
FunctionThis device is used at the source of production line, printed PCB operation
Cycle timeAbout 15 seconds(depending on the individual operation)
Power supply100-230VAC(customized), 1ph, max 150VA
Air pressure4-6 bar
Air consumptionMax 30L/min
Printing area320×420mm
Machine repeatability±0.05mm
Fixed printing positionPCB Outer Or Pin Position
Adjusting for tableFront/back±10mm
Scraper speed0-100mm/sec
Frame size420×520mm
Minimum separation0.38mm

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