Miscellaneous: Seamark SMT Auto Splicing Machine

Recently added to our line of products, the Seamark SMT Automatic splicing machine is designed to effectively increase the production efficiency of enterprises whilst also reducing labor costs.

Apply to all types carrier tapes of 8mm
High success rate, more than 98%
Compact design, free to move

The machine can help you a lot in the smt manufacturing, such as automatic detection of empty material position and material spacing for the head and tail of 8 MM and two coils of the same specification, and accurate cutting, automatic docking, and to automatically wrap and connect with tape. Simple operation, greatly improve the feeding time, save manpower, improve production efficiency, solve the problem of secondary cost loss caused by the small stop of production line equipment caused by the operation problem of new employees,and make the quality of receiving materials controllable. 


Dimensions550 mm*420mm*1400mm long (L*W*H)
Work height890mm
Feeding cycle10 s( Excluding loading and unloading, automatic collection time and
empty material detection time)
Accuracy of alignment of material belt0.08 MM
Receiving objectFor 0.25-1.3 mm 8MM tape, paper tape
Power supplyImported 18650 battery pack 38 Ah DC 36V
Working hoursFull power over 12-1H
Charging Power220V 50Hz
Low Voltage AlarmSelf-contained low voltage reminder function
and material spacingspacing; manual determination of spacing for black plastic tape
Camera130 pixel camera W left and right
Light sourceLED White Light
Pass rate≥98%
Mechanical noise50 decibels
Rated power150W
Vacuum pressure-20 Kpa
Material tape unwinding functionButton Control Automatic Collection
Feed material1500 sheets/3000 sheets per roll (metal or tape)
Bar code recognition capabilityAdopt original imported zebra wireless scanning gun, support
one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code
Stack-proofing systemsMaterial bar code scanning comparison error prevention (can be based on customer error prevention system docking, this is the purchase item)
Weight of equipment62KG( battery free)

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