Miscellaneous: Seamark PCB automatic Board cutting machine

A recent addition to our product range, the Seamark PCB Automatic Circuit Board Cutting Machine is designed specially to cut PCB boards of strip lights and back-light modules.

Features and applicability:

  1. The machine is applicable for various substrates, such as FR4, Aluminum substrate, etc., and it is the best choice for Aluminum substrate.
  2. The cutting depth of three cutters is increased stepwise to guarantee processed surface is smooth and processed substrate is free of deformation and bucking.
  3. Due to the stepwise increase of cutting depth, the bending stress born by PCB board is too small to damage components on PCB boards.
  4. PCB alignment is placed at left side of operation platform firstly, then pushed backwards against the location plate, and then moved right along the location plate into the cutting area, then PCB alignment moves forwards automatically till one individual PCB is cut out completely, and then remaining PCB alignment is placed at left side again to repeat previous processes.
  5. Operator’s workload is reduced dramatically by the work platform due to its simple operation.
  6. Its processing rate is highest among other competitive products.
  7. Durable cutters are made from Sweden SKH-9 high-speed steel.
Power110/220V 50/60HZ,250w
PCB ThicknessFrom 0.2 to 3.2mm
PCB LengthFrom 0.1-400mm
V-groove ThicknessFrom 0.2-2.0mm
Cut Speed300mm/s or 500mm/s
Net Weight75KG
Outer sizeL740*W550*H460 mm
Packaging detailwooden case

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