Screenprinters: Yamaha YSP Screenprinter

Yamaha YSP Screen printer in excellent condition.

Vintage: 2014

Yamaha’s original 3S head
Automatically adjusts squeegee angle (1 degree
units between 45 to 65 degrees) and speed to
optimize settings for best print results with selected
solder-paste type and volume.

Stencil vacuum lock
Stencil to board gasketing enhanced by Stencil Vacuum
Lock ensures rock-solid stability for consistent
high-accuracy printing. Eliminates Y-directional print
offsets due to stencil movement during print stroke

Flexible board handling and transport
The three stage track system is standard for high
speed transfer of substrates. Self-adjusting board
clamps ensure secure board positioning during print
while providing a unobstructed gasketing between the
board and stencil for consistent print results across the

Filling adjust
Convenient function adjusts squeegee angle and speed
to improve aperture filling immediately after stencil
cleaning or a pause in the process This feature eliminates
defects for a more consistent printing process.


Applicable PCBL 50 x W 50 mm (Min) to L 510 x W 460 mm (Max)
*Applicable for transporting L610 mm / printing L600 mm area PCB Note 1
Thickness 0.4 mm to 3.0 mm
* When 0.4 to 1.0 mm thickness, needed PCB vacuum-suction system should be installed.
Printing head3S head (3S : Swing Single Squeezee)
Squeegee speed : 2 to 200mm/sec, Squeegee pressing force : 5 to 200N +/- 2N (Feedback controll)
Squeegee printing attack angle : 45 to 65 degree (Variable control), Squeegee material : Metal or Urethane
AccuracyWet Print accuracy (6 σ): +/- 25 μm
Positioning repeatability (6 σ): +/- 12.5 μm
Printing line tact9.5 sec (standard printing: under optimum condition, except for printing time)
Applicable stencil sizeL 750 x W 750 mmL 736 x W 736 mmL 750 x W 650 mmL 650 x W 550 mmL 600 x W 550 mm Note 2L 550 x W 650 mm Note 2
Max PCB sizeL 510 x W 460 mmL 510 x W 460 mmL 510 x W 350 mmL 330 x W 250 mmL 330 x W 250 mmL 330 x W 250 mm
Power supply3-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V +/- 10 % 50/60 Hz
Air supply source0.45 MPa or more, in clean, dry state
Exernal dimension
(excluding projections)
L 1,640 x W 1,640 x H 1,400 mm: Normal conveyor
L 1,973 x W 1,640 x H 1,400 mm: Exit extension conveyor
WeightApprox. 1,500Kg

Note 1: Large board printing machine does not support inspection option.
Note 2: These size stencils need addition of fixing adaptor and replacement of cleaning nozzle.

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