Solder wave: ATF-23

Recently acquired ATF-23 Solder wave in excellent condition.
Vintage: 2006

With a process width of 330 mm offers the ATF23 sufficient throughput for most productions but requires very limited space because of its small foot print. Although a midsize machine, the ATF23 offers all benefits of high end wave soldering machines.
Dual wave is standard, both lead-free compatible solder pot and spray fluxer are available.
The micro processor controller accurately controls the machine and is easy to operate.
The ATF 23 is available as nitrogen machine as well or could be upgraded at any time.

Default features

Fluxer module: Foam fluxer fitted as standard, the unit is adjustable in height.
Air regulator pressure gauge and flow control valve.

Preheat module: High efficiency IR preheater. Fine adjustment of temperature
Ceran® glass cover for easy cleaning. All values shown on digital display.

Lead-free ready solder pot: Ceramic coating, Chemical-thermal treatment of nozzles. Quick-lock solder pumps, Direct driven pumps (24v DC motor), Removable flow ducts and nozzles, Solder temperature shown on digital display, Solder pot roll-out unit.

Solder wave: Special designed products to reduce dross formation, separate microprocessor controlled wave heights, Dual wave as standard (Lambda and chip nozzle), Wave intermittent operation.

Conveyor: Finger conveyor, 24V DC drive motor, Conveyor speed 0 – 2 m/min, adjustable angle 5-9°. Conveyor speed shown on digital display, V-fingers.

Controller: Microprocessor controller (2-line Display), User friendly operation, multi-lingual, Solder pot on/off timer, in memory storage of up to 99 programs.

ATF-23 Specifications

Foot print 1600 x 1000 mm
Height (without bench) 1400 mm
Weight (without solder) approx. 255 kg
Process width 330 mm
Pre-heat length 700 mm
Conveyor speed 0.2 – 2 m/min
Average conveyor speed 0.8 – 1.0 m/min
Solder angle 5 – 9°
Max. solder pot temperature 300°C
Weight of solder (Pb-free) ca. 180 kg
Volume of flux, foam fluxer ca. 4 l
Load / unload section 600 mm
Exhaust volume (2 ducts) 600 m³/h per duct
Duct ø 150 mm
Colour RAL 5007 and 7035
Nitrogen consumption (purity ³ 99,996 %) 5 - 8 m3/h with full load
Compressed Air - foam fluxer 60 l/min, 6 bar
Power consumption (during heat-up, dependent upon configuration) max. 16 kW
Power consumption stand-by ca. 5 kW h
Power supply 3~N, PE 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz

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