Screenprinters: Ekra x1-SL Semi-Automatic screenprinter

Recently acquired Ekra X1-SL Semi-automatic screen printer in excellent condition.
Vintage 2007

The X1 SL semi-automatic screen and stencil printer has been designed for printing of a large variety of flexible and rigid substrates for applications with small to medium size production volumes, R&D as well as prototyping purposes. The maximum print format is 460 x 460 mm (18 x 18 inches) and the thickness of the substrate can go up to 30 mm (1,2 inches). The standard EKRA screen and stencil holder has a flexible design which allows it to be used with all common stencils / screens up to 740 x 740 mm (29 x 29 inch) without use of an additional adapter. For a convenient substrate alignment, the printer can optionally be equipped with the manual optical positioning system MOPS. The substrate is then manually aligned using high resolution cameras for reliable recognition of fiducials or other layout features. The easy to use Microsoft Windows based software allows for storage of all process relevant data. This process relevant data can easily be recalled again for quickest product changeovers. The machine is equipped with a flat print table and allows different kinds of printing adapters or clamping devices to be used.

Special features:

  • “Made in Germany”, With high quality welded steel frame for maximum stability and stiffness.
  • Alignment accuracy: ±15µm\
  • Large variety of flexible and rigid substrates up to 460 x 460 mm can be printed.
  • Flexible screen and stencil holder for all common screen/stencil sizes up to 740×740 mm (29 x 29 Inch) without additional adapter.
  • Motor driven print table with high repeatability
  • Simple operation of the machine with easy to use Microsoft Windows based software.
  • All process relevant data can be stored

Ekra X1-SL specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH) 1600mm x 1400mm x 1400mm
Weight 550 kg
Voltage 230V/208V 50/60 Hz, 1+N+PE
Power 1.2kW
Circuit breakers 10a
Air supply 6 bar
print speed 10-200 mm/s
print pressure 40-400 N
print modes Print - Print
Print - Flood
Flood - Print
Alternating Print
frame size 300 x 300mm Min
740 x 800mm Max
Repeat accuracy ±15µm

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