AOI inspection: Marantz M22XCL 350 Automatic Optical Inspection

Recently acquired Marantz M22XCL 350 Automatic Optical inspection unit in excellent condition.
Vintage: 2007


  • Autoamtic optical inspection of PCB’s
  • Inspects SMT & THT components (missing, type polarity, offset etc)
    Solder joints (including meniscus)
    Solder paste (2d)
  • High speed digital XGA Color camera (CameraLink Interface)
  • telecentric lens for parallax reduction
  • Analysis via Synthetic imaging & Histograms
  • Library for structured component data management
  • imports PnP data and Gerber files
  • Choose from different resolution/FoV combinations (Resolution VS. Speed)
  • Available for medium and large PCB sizes
  • 22x software for dekstop and inline versions Fully compatible
  • Speed gain approximately 200% compared to M22Xfv system (typical, 32x24mm FoV)

Marantz M22XCL 350 specifications

Characteristics Product type Automatic optical inspector
In-line / Off-line Off-Line
Camera movement X direction
PCB movement Y direction
Parts inspection Prescence, polarity, Offset, Correctness Soldering
printing/paste inspection Offset, smearing, bridges, uniformity
distinction principle Synthetic imaging and histogram analysis
Distinction parameters Brightness, Hue, saturation via filters
Camera type XGA CCD digital with camera link
Camera field of view/Resolution 32 x 24mm/25µm or 257. x 19.2/20µm OR 16 x 12 mm/12.5µm
Lens Telecentric lens
lighting system FL ring light + led ring light
Specifications Minimum inspection component size 016008" (0.4 x 0.2mm) (12.5μm resolution)
positioning accuracy Pixel related feedback loop
Component clearance (top) 40mm
Component clearance (bottom) 35mm for 350
movemement speed 600mm/s
inspection capacity 160000 components per hour (typical excl board handling)
mains 100-240 Vac / 300W
Interfacing Control pc type Apple PowerMac G5 with Mac OSX
Control interface USB
data interface Camera Link
General Operating temperature 15-30 °c
Operating humidity 15-80% RH
Weight 51kg

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