Screenprinters: Ekra E5 screenprinter

Recently acquired Ekra E5 Screenprinter in great condition.
Vintage: 2000

EKRA E-5 is a high-performance solution that provides cost-effective printing solutions on a wide range of substrates, including flexible boards, PCBs, and panels. E 5 is a highly reliable and efficient machine that includes a range of advanced technology and efficient parts and components.
It is capable of delivering up to a resolution of 1.5 mil/pixel at a speed of 100mm/s, whilst accurately registering patterns and lines down to 5 microns. EKRA E 5 is equipped with a number of features, including the machine’s Motion Analysis System, which assists in the determination of the optimum working parameters to ensure repeatability and accuracy in the printed results. Furthermore, its Smart Spot System is designed to identify the correct printing parameters for various printing techniques.

Ekra E5 specifications

PCB Handling
PCB size min 80x 50 mm
PCB size max 550 x 550 mm
PCB thickness 0,5 - 6 mm
PCB clearance underside 23 mm
PCB clearance top and bottom side 2,5 mm, needed for PCB transport & clamping
0 mm for top side using side clamping
PCB transport height 830 - 950 mm
PCB support magnetic support pins and bars,
PCB hold down PCB clamping with knife edge from top or side clamping
PCB transport direction left-> right, right--> left, left-> left, right--> right,
pass through
Conveyor configuration front or rear fix
PCB transport width adjustment motorised, software controlled
PCB warpage 1% of PCB diagonally, up to a max. of
11 mm including PCB thickness
Stencil size x 320 mm, up to, 850 x 1000 mm
Frame thickness 25 - 40 mm, adjustable without adapter single
Number transport system single
Print parameters
Print area max 550 x 550 mm
Print speed 5 - 199 mm / sec.
Print head wo independent pneumatic printheads, closed loop system,
self leveling squeegees
Print pressure 0 - 240 N
Snap-off speed 0,2 - 10 mm / sec
Snap-off distance 0 - 3 mm
Snap-off 2 - +6 mm
PCB alignment x/y ±4 mm, Theta: ±2°
Vision System
Fiducials 2 - 4 fiducials or any shape on PCB Layout
Fiducial size 0,7 - 3 mm2
Camera EVA™ Vision system with 2 CCD Cameras
Camera field of view 10 x 8 mm
Fiducial position inside print area
Fiducial Teach Patented teach in method
Alignment repeatability 12,5 µm at 6 Sigma
Alignment accuracy 25 µm at 6 Sigma
Cycle time Cycle time < 12 sec. plus print
Set-Up Set-Up < 5 min.
Product changeover Product changeover < 3 min
General Data
Power requirements 230 V 50/60 Hz, 1 KW
Air supply requirements 4 - 6 bar, with vaccuum cleaning 5,5 l/sec
Dimensions WxDxH 1280x1500x1500 mm
Weight approx 700kg

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