Miscellaneous: Huaqi Zhengbang ZB500S Automatic Solder Cream Mixer

Recently Acquired Solder cream mixer by Huaqi Zhengbang in excellent condition.
Vintage 2019

WZ-ZB500S Automatic Solder Cream Mixer makes solder cream move downward constantly through centrifugal force generated by revolution and cooperation with energy from rotation at 45 degree angle of axis of revolution. Solder cream located in the tank bottom makes upward movement from the surrounding, which forms a tornado-funnel shaped stirring action, and it can stir, soften and defoam the soldercream with appropriate viscosity. Solder cream has good wettability, even diffusivity, excellent printing effect after mixing, which achieves the best welding performance when reflowing soldering.
Its characteristics are as follows:

  • There is special control circuit, adjustable mixing time and easy operation.
  • Solder cream is placed by 45 degrees and rotates along axis direction and solder cream won’t stick to the pot cover.
    Smooth operation, low noise, temperature return naturally and bubble remove in the process of mixing.
  • There is no need to open cover for solder cream pot and it is convenient and safe for pick-and-place.
  • There is safety device to ensure the personal safety.


Model ZB500S
Operating speed 1350RPM
Operational Capability 0-1000G * 2 Tanks
Acceptance of solder cream pot Tank diameter (60-67) standard configuration (suitable for general 500g solder cream bottle)
Time setting 0H01S>>99H99S
Display Mode LED digital display
Rated Power constant speed : 60W
Power supply 220VAC
Outline Size 400x400x500mm
weight 45KG

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