Miscellaneous: SDI SMTC2 Surface Mount Cleaner

Recently Acquired SDI SMTC2 Surface mount cleaner in excellent condition.

Vintage 2016

SMTC2 Surface Mount Cleaner

  • Double-sided or Top-side cleaning
  • Slimline profile—easy to add to any SMTline
  • Edge transport system for smooth boardtravel
  • Simple change to top-side cleaning
  • Powered conveyor width change
  • Simple touchscreen interface
  • Clamshell opening for easy maintenance
  • Pneumatic control of Adhesive Roll(rather than being gravity fed) allowsperfect pressure to be set.
  • The SMTC Range can use narrowerAdhesive Rolls if required, savingconsumable costs
  • SMART anti-static system ensurespopulated boards are not subjected tostatic charges
  • SMEMA compliant

SMTC2 Surface Mount Cleaner Specifications

Min/Max board width 38-406mm
Minimum board length 75mm
Min/Max board thickness 0.1--4.75mm
Max Line speed 30m/min
Power 110VAC or 220VAC
Airpressure 5 BAR
Direction Bidirectional

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