Pick and Place: TWS Quadra Laser

Recently Acquired TWS quadra in good condition.
Vintage 2007

The TWS Automation Quadra is well known for its flexibility, ease of use and low cost of ownership. Now it is available with new encoder motors to improve its performance. Repeatability improvement gives better results, increasing efficiency of this pick and place machine.
The TWS quality/price ratio has revolutionised the concept of surface mount assembly, which was previously considered to be only suitable for large volume manufacturers with large assets. Unbeatable for small and medium volume manufacturing, the TWS Quadra eliminates the need to sub contract work, thus allowing users to control their quality in-house.

Key Features

Cost effective: the machine, having laser centring, has been designed to considerably reduce the capital cost compared to other similar machines currently available. The low cost of the feeders enables users to work with a large feeder inventory to speed up the assembly operation.

High life time: the simple mechanical design uses no delicate mechanisms, and the Laser has been tested to have a long and reliable life span. The new placement head equipped with laser centring ensures high durability, and high speed of placement.

Easy to maintain: all parts of the machine are easy to access and maintain. Maintenance can be carried out by the Operator, who can call for assistance if needed. The machine is controlled by a standard PC. Spare parts are low in cost and always available from stock with a fast turnaround. An integrated system provides diagnostics for testing and measuring power absorption of the boards inside the machine. The integral CPU also controls the machine l/O’s such as vacuum, electro-magnets, laser centring, axis movement and status of the limit switches.

Easy to manage: the machine’s software uses very simple menus, enabling the operator to gain a high level of confidence in a short time. The machine comes with a detailed user manual and maintenance guide, and with a practical guide for assembly that includes all stages of production, such as SMD component analysis, solder paste, adhesives, screen printing, soldering, board inspection and verification, repairing and cleaning.

High numbers of feeders: The unit can handle all the main types of components and accommodates up to 120 feeders in total, in tape from 8 mm to 44 mm width with 7″, 13″ or 15″ reel diameter. A catalogue is available for stick components. IC lanes for components not listed in the catalogue may be prepared in a short time.

Quick feeder changeover: the feeders can handle various tapes or stick sizes. New feeders can be prepared off-line in order to reduce downtime for program changeovers.

Programming modalities: There are four ways of programming: Teaching through camera, data loading via CAD file, data entry via keyboard and prepared by an off-line programming digitizer.

TWS Quadra Laser Specifications

Components range Chip, Melf, Mini-melf, cylindrical components, transistors, SOT diodes, integrated circuits, PLCC and LCCC integrated circuits, trimmers, inductors, connectors, aluminium electrolytic capacitors.
Components size from 0402 to 35 mm sq. (Up to 10mm sq. using on-board camera); max height 10.5mm; minimum lead pitch 0.5mm.
Placement Area 440 x 360 mm. For larger boards, the placement area can be extended by removing feeder magazines on one or two sides of the machine, making the maximum board size 550 x 420 mm.
Productivity 3300 components per hour. The average productivity is 2700 components per hour.
Placement Head Dual-spindle camera head with DVC system. The placement head moves along the X and Y axes. Each head is equipped with a vacuum sensor to detect component pick-up failure and to command a new pickup cycle. Some components may be centred off-line by an external camera.
Axes Movement Controlled by encoder motors to get higher performance, granting better repeatability and higher life time.
Resolution 0.02 mm on X and Y axes 0.08° on the Theta axis rotation for head 1, 0.16° for head 2,
Repeatability ± 0.04 mm on X and Y axes ± 0.16° on Theta axis
Accuracy ± 0.10 mm on X and Y axes 0.16° on Theta axis rotation
Noise 65 dBA (average value), measured at 1 meter from the unit and 1.6 meter from the ground.
Power supply AC 230V ± 10%, 50/60Hz. Power required less than 1 kW.
Air 8-10 bar @ 60Lt/min
Dimensions (in mm) 850x1000x1800
Weight (in KG) 215

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