Pick and place: Juki FX-1R

Recently acquired Juki Fx-1R in excellent condition.
Vintage: 2007


Auto Teaching of Pick Position

Auto teaching of pick position reduces
changeover time and mis-picks

HMS (Height Measurement System)
Now standard on all R Series models,
the HMS is used to quickly and accurately measure the component pick height.
A laser sensor measures the distance instantly without any physical contact.

Camera Bad Mark Detection
Bad mark detection is performed using the machine’s standard downward looking camera (also used for fiducials and teaching).
This system accurately detects a wide range of marks on various substrates, including flex circuits.

Simultaneous Pick Priority Mode
Users can now select the best pick mode to suit their production requirements.
For the maximum possible throughput, simultaneous pick priority mode will try to pick as many components as possible
in a single pick sequence.

Independent Z/θcontrol
Each nozzle has independent Z and θmotors for high reliability and high accuracy.
Precise control of each nozzle is possible without affecting other nozzles.

High Reliabliltiy

A linear motor is used for the X axis for higher reliability and
lower maintenance. Linear motors require fewer structural parts
such as pulleys or supports and require no maintenance. In
addition, they are quieter and do not induce as much vibration
as other drive systems

The right technology for the application

The FX-1 uses 3 different drive systems: linear motor, belt drive and ball screw. Why?
Because each is best suited for different applications. Belt drive is used for the heavy
movement of the Y axis. A ball screw is used for the short frequent movement of the PWB
table. And the linear motors are used for the X axis to reduce weight and improve
performance. As technology continues to evolve, you can count on JUKI to use the best
technology for every application.

Juki FX-1R Specifications

Board size L size(410×360mm)
Component height 6mm
Component size laser recognition 0603(0201)~□20mm or 26.5×11mm (0402 (01005) optional)
placement speed Chip 33,000CPH(optimum condition)
placement accuracy Laser recognition ±0.05mm
feeder inputs Max. 80 on 8mm T/F
Power supply 200 to 415 VAC, 3-phase
Apparent power Averaged value during pickup or placement 4kVA
Maximum value 12kVA
operating air pressure 0.5±0.05Mpa
Air consumption 400L/min
machine dimensions (W x D x H) 1,880×1,731×1,490mm
Mass (approximately) 2,000kg

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