Pick and place: Panasonic DT401-F Pick and place machine.

Recently Acquired Panasonic DT401-F Pick and place machine, in excellent condition.
Vintage: 2010

Improved Operation Rate
Direct pickup
The placement heads pick up the tray components directly. This enables many and varied odd-shaped components to be mounted at high speed.

They feed during operation
Using the replenisher unit installed above the tray feeder, tray feed can be performed when the components run out without having to stop production.

Feeder collective-exchange cart
This enables all the tape feeders to be changed collectively during changeover.

Insertion connector support
The series of three load control heads yields a maximum load of 50 N which allows most insertion connectors to be mounted.

A wide range of components from 0402 (1005) chips to BGAs, CSPs, connectors and other large components (100 mm x 90 mm max.) are supported.

Intelligent Feeders
The five different tape feeders are equipped with variable feed pitch and support all component types.
A line of bulk feeders is also available.
• 8 mm double tape feeders
• 12/16 mm tape feeders
• 24/32 mm tape feeders
• 44/56 mm tape feeders
• 72 mm tape feeders

Panasonic DT401-F Specifications

Model ID DT401-F
Model No. KXF-E64C
PCB dimensions L 50 mm x W 50 mm to L 510 mm x W 460 mm
Max. speed Chip 0.7 s/chip (tape or bulk)
Tray 0.8 s/QFP (single tray) , 1.2 s/QFP (twin tray)
Placement accuracy Chip ±50 µm/Chip (Cpk ≥ 1)
Tray ±35 µm/QFP (Cpk ≥ 1)
No.of component inputs Tape Max.54
Tray Max.20 (single tray) , Max.40 (twint tray)
Component dimensions (0201") 0603 chip to L 100 mm x W 90 mm x T 25 mm
PCB exchange time 0.9 s (Board length : up to 240 mm Under optimum conditions)
Electic source 3-phase AC 200 V, 1.5 kVa compatible with 220 / 380 / 400 / 420 / 480 V
Pneumatic source 0.49 MPa, 150 L/min (A.N.R.)
Dimensions W 1 260 mm x D2 542 mm x H 1 430 mm
Mass 1 560 kg

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